March 11, 2018: Veronique Sweet, Sr. Designer, Licensing, Little, Brown

by Vicky Rubin on March 21, 2018



Guest Speaker: Veronique Sweet

Sr. Designer Licensing, Little Brown


Portfolio Advice:

Consistency, quality, self edit

OK to have different styles but separate them in your portfolio

Have multiple pieces in each style to show consistency

B/W art is used in MG market

Different views: close-ups, child in bedroom, child in backyard, in school, etc.

Try to be inclusive in ethnicities

If you have strong pieces, you don’t need that many examples

At least 20 pages in portfolio


How to Promote  Your Art

Try to get an agent

Send postcards

Make your post cards memorable by choosing a dynamic image

And you can send unusual formats like calendar, etc.

Holidays are good times to send


How they match an artist:

ED has recommendations as well as AD


Google searches for a particular style



Give multiple ideas


Work habits:

Follow schedules, give updates


Licensing – works with brands, i.e. Matel, Marvel, so company dictates look of  characters, has final say on artwork

They ask artist for samples for licensing to show to brand house

Intellectual Property – story developed in house, more creative freedom for artist for character development



If you work digitally, use channels in Photoshop to give layers

OK if not technical, the designer can do that

Fonts may change as a commercial co. needs to pay copyright fees to use some fonts.

Adobe Capture turns color photos into swatches

Check your work in CMYK because colors can change a lot from RGB, but okay to send as RGB