Pencil illustration depicting scientific gnomish men seeking arcane knowledge and wisdom.

JourneyManDesigns: Illustrator & Graphic Designer

by Anthony M. Grimaldi on December 28, 2017

Illustrations and Digital Graphic Design work by Anthony M. Grimaldi of JourneyManDesigns.

As an accomplished artist and published illustrator, the mediums I create with are pencil, colored pencil, colored marker, charcoal, pastel, and pen & ink. Each medium is unique because they demand a separate approach and application of my artistic talent, making versatility my primary asset. My talent is also flexible to adopt different illustration styles as well, including realism, fantasy, expressive, abstract, cartooning, and I am exceptionally adept at color and black and white. My children’s book illustrations are colorful, bold, creative, dynamic, exciting, and can be utilized to great effect to capture and ignite the attention and imagination of children and young readers. Illustration is my chosen medium because it is so diverse, creative, abstract, inventive, and fun, allowing a wide range of styles, techniques, colors, layout, and expression. I also possess 14 years professional experience designing with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks to create posters, logos, and advertisements according to the exact preferences and specifications for a variety of deadline-driven clients.

My technique of unifying illustration with digital art also allows me to create with unlimited creativity and visual imagination, offering greater flexibility, variety, and choices, which I assure will produce maximum artistic achievement and impact for every illustration and design.

I am technologically equipped to submit finished projects through email, Dropbox, Hightail, OneDrive, and WeTransfer, easily allowing me to work remotely for any client anywhere in the world.